Donate to Fund Future Content!

To help determine the feasibility of a future book dedicated to business issues related to running a bakery (and to fund the creation of future content) I have added the ability to provide a small monetary contribution via PayPal, either $10 or $5. Contributing is entirely optional.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Click below for a $10 contribution:
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4 thoughts on “Donate to Fund Future Content!

  1. Jason, I always look for your posts on cc and value your opinion and insight. Love this idea, good luck and thanks for all of your contributions on cc.

  2. Hey, I have an idea on more subject matter I think would be helpful. Start a blog about the business software. What ones are available, have all the necessary features as well as user friendly and not overly costly. In my research I’ve found many but the majority were lacking in information or pricing about their software. Quick books online seems good but is lacking in a recipe costing feature. Any suggestions on ones you like?

    • An article about business software is a great idea, I really only have direct experience with QuickBooks though. I did the recipe costing in Excel, it’s not too difficult to do this yourself once you gather all the prices and convert to standard units. You can even find Excel costing templates on CC.

      The most popular alternative, Cake Boss, can be a viable solution if you are technically challenged and pay an accountant to take care of your taxes, but it costs about the same as QB and while it provides a few nice features (e.g. scheduling and step-by-step costing) it’s missing a lot on the accounting side so you may end up needing something like QB anyway. It’s also a little disconcerting that Cake Boss only offers a cloud version now and has discontinued the offline version, that doesn’t seem very customer-friendly to me.

  3. I planned to get an accountant no matter what but i’ve tried cake boss ( had the desktop version) and it was ok but i felt it was lacking in things i needed and had features i thought unnecessary and actually took me more time to customize it for me. I didn’t like that it came preloaded with ingredients, many of which i don’t use and having to delete them or replace them with ingredients i do use and changing the measurements was time consuming. For some reason i also had the feeling of wondering whether it was completely accurate in the calculations ( maybe it’s just me i don’t know) Also like you said it was missing a lot of the accounting stuff and now that they have the cloud version, they charge you to upgrade and charge either a monthly or annual fee to use it. I didn’t upgrade since i wanted something more that fits my needs. I think they might not have wanted to continue to provide upgrades and support to the desktop offline version and the cloud version or maybe they thought not many people would want the desktop version and would favor the cloud version, but at the price they’re charging i think some people may have wanted to have the option of getting the desktop. I may need someone to teach me how to use excel, i just don’t understand how to use it ( though i could be making it harder than it needs to be) it for whatever reason seems to complicated but i tend to over think things fairly often so it could be that.

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